How to Make Black Garlic at Home

More and more people are looking to try black garlic with all the talk of the wonders it can do to dishes and your health. Many now use the ingredient in a wide range of culinary applications including using it for pasta, scallops, and pizzas.... Continue Reading

Can Black Garlic Make You Sick?

Most of us may have already encountered the questions: "Does garlic make you sick?” and “Can garlic with sprouts make you sick?" But seldom would you encounter the question: “Can black garlic make you sick?” In fact, not many people are even... Continue Reading

Can You Grow Black Garlic?

The black garlic ingredient came into the national spotlight lately. It wasn't always popular in western culture, but now it is practically everywhere. Some people refer to it as a “super food” because of its high level of antioxidants. Black... Continue Reading

How is Black Garlic Different from Regular Garlic?

Referred to by some as a “super food”, black garlic wasn’t always around. First, human civilization discovered how to cultivate white garlic. Later in history, people discovered how to produce black garlic, and it has been with us ever since. We... Continue Reading

How to Use Black Garlic

For a bulb that has been a staple ingredient since antiquity, garlic has always managed to retain some controversial appeal. Roasted garlic has a mouthwatering aroma, which has almost as many lovers as the dreaded "garlic breath” has haters.... Continue Reading

Where Does Black Garlic Come From?

Very little is known about the origin of black garlic. But data shows that it has long been used in Asia, especially in Korea, Japan, and Thailand. In Korea, it has long been utilized as a food condiment. Subsequently, black garlic has also... Continue Reading

Why is Black Garlic So Popular?

The fame of garlic has gone far and wide. It is part of the diets of many health-conscious people these days due to its numerous benefits. But there is another form of the vegetable that more and more people are now talking about called black... Continue Reading

What Does Black Garlic Taste Like?

Whenever the topic of food comes up, people always have different opinions about what they consider tasty. Some people prefer to taste sweetness, sourness, bitterness, or saltiness above the others, and the way your brain interprets those flavors... Continue Reading

Is Black Garlic Good for You?

Most of the foods you eat not only serve the purpose of filling you up and giving you energy, but they also have health benefits that nourish your body so that you can live fuller and longer. Of course, all foods are different, and so is the... Continue Reading

What is Black Garlic?

Black garlic is one of the “super foods” or ingredients that many people are talking about right now. I know, the name might not suggest it as something awesome to eat, but many people (not just us) swear this is an incredible ingredient for... Continue Reading

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