Is Black Garlic Good for You?


Most of the foods you eat not only serve the purpose of filling you up and giving you energy, but they also have health benefits that nourish your body so that you can live fuller and longer. Of course, all foods are different, and so is the level of various benefits that they can provide to you. Garlic is one of the most consumed foods as it is known to contain many curative properties, ranging from indigestion to antimicrobial properties.

But what if there was a way to enhance the health benefits of garlic ? Now, there is! Garlic can be enhanced by transforming it from white garlic to black garlic.

Is Black Garlic good for you

Black garlic refers to white garlic that has been subjected to heating in a highly humidity-controlled environment. White garlic is heated at a temperature between 140 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit for around four weeks and left in the open to oxidize, and after about 60 to 90 days, a soft black garlic with a jelly-like texture forms. Black garlic can take a shorter time, but the longer it takes, the better it is. So, what happens in the transformation from white to black garlic?

The Transformation of White Garlic into Black Garlic

When white garlic is heated at the above mentioned temperature with controlled humidity, the enzymes of the white garlic break down in a process known as the Malliard reaction. This refers to a reaction that occurs when sugars and amino acids of a substance ae subjected to heat, leading to them breaking down into complex molecules, which in turn break down into simple molecules, eventually giving rise to hundreds of molecules.

One of the major components of garlic is allicin. It’s the chemical that gives garlic its strong smell and taste. When it is broken down into a compound known as S- Allycysteine, SAC, and organosulfur compounds, it is more beneficial to the body than allicin. The antioxidants present in garlic are broken down into many complex molecules so that the end product has more enhanced antioxidants and other compounds. The more the garlic ages, the more the number of antioxidants increase. The outcome of the Malliard reaction is black garlic, which is free of odor and, compared to white garlic, has a much sweeter taste . Depending on how long you cook the garlic, it can have a taste ranging from sweet to sour to savory salty to bitter. The best black garlic tastes a lot like caramel, and many people eat it raw for the flavor.

The most important characteristic of black garlic, however, is the fact that it has been scientifically proven to have many health benefits for people of all ages. So, let’s talk about some of the many benefits of including black garlic in your diet.

Health Benefits of Eating Black Garlic

It is not strange when people claim that black garlic offers immortality. After all, garlic has been in use as a medicinal drug since the 18th century where it was successfully used to fight the notorious plague. The many benefits of black garlic to the human body are exceptional. It provides a cure or solution to almost all the issues that you may have concerning health.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties. Black garlic is odorless. Allicin, the substance that gives garlic its odor and taste, is known to have antimicrobial properties. During the Malliard reaction, allicin is broken down to form high concentrations of S- Allycysteine or SAC, a compound that is soluble in water compared to its original form. In addition to SAC, allicin also disintegrates to form organosulfur compounds. Due to its absorption properties, SAC is easily absorbed into the body upon consumption of the black garlic. It is also more easily tolerated by the digestive system since black garlic has a soft texture. SAC has anti-inflammatory properties. The anti-inflammatory properties of the black garlic make it possible for it to have the ability to heal the liver from alcohol damage.

Anti-Diabetic Properties. The antidiabetic properties of black garlic are another reason why you should include it in your diet. The large amount of antioxidants in black garlic is enough to cure diabetes, specifically type 2, which is responsible for increased amounts of sugar in the blood. The more the antioxidants, the higher the rate of curing diabetes and black garlic has just the right amount of antioxidants.

Lowers Blood Pressure. It also has high levels of the organosulfur compounds. They are present in black garlic as diallyl sulfide, diallyl disulfide, and diallyl trisulfide. When you eat back garlic, the organosulfur compounds help in relaxing your blood vessels, which in turn lowers your blood pressure. For this reason, patients with high blood pressure are advised to take 2 to 4 tablets of black garlic daily.

Lowers Cholesterol. Cholesterol is important in your body but has been known to cause heart diseases when its level gets too high. Cholesterol accumulates in the arteries and can lead to heart failure or a stroke. Black garlic has been scientifically proven to help solve this problem. When taken for consistently for 12 weeks, black garlic can improve cholesterol levels . Black garlic increases the levels of HDL, which is the right type of cholesterol required in the body, and in turn lowers the LDL levels, which is the harmful type of cholesterol. Doctors prescribe 6 grams of black garlic to be taken 2 times a day before meals in order for the black garlic to serve the purpose of balancing a person’s cholesterol levels. The heart can also be affected by the presence of high levels of Lipoprotein B in the blood. Black garlic decreases these levels in order to protect your body from heart failure.

Reduces Allergic Reactions. Allergies can be quite uncomfortable. If you experience any form of allergic reactions, then black garlic is what you need in order to get rid of them. Allergies can be genetic or they can be caused by environmental conditions. Regardless of what causes them, black garlic can completely cure them. Black garlic weakens the enzymes that generate inflammatory components, such as prostaglandins, rendering allergies inactive. Cytokines, which are the major promoters of inflammation, cell death, and swelling in the body are also broken down and their levels reduced by the antioxidant SAC found in the black garlic. This completely prevents allergic reactions.

Strengthens Your Immune System. The immune system needs to be strong in order to fight various infections and diseases in the body. If you have a weak immune system, black garlic can be very important in your diet. Black garlic contains hundreds of antioxidants that help the body, including boosting your immunity. They achieve this by stimulating white blood cells, which are responsible for the immune response of the body.

Fights Bacteria and Viruses. For the above reason, black garlic is considered a natural antibiotic, because without any additives, it is able to solely fight bacteria that has been proven to be medically dangerous, such as E.coli. The campylobacter strain is another type of harmful bacteria, which is responsible for most, if not all intestinal complications in the world. The nitrogen oxide found among the antioxidants in the black garlic also gives it antiviral properties.

Fights and Prevents Cancer

The most interesting property of black garlic is the great impact it has had on cancer patients. Cancer can affect any part of the body. It can be genetic or caused by environmental factors, among others. Black garlic has been used to provide cancer patients with a longer life because of its properties. First, black garlic is able to stop the growth and multiplication of cancer cells and can thus control lung, liver, colon, and breast cancers. It can also prevent the occurrence of cancer. How does this happen?

Cancer is caused by rapid cell division, growth, and multiplication. When ingested, black garlic goes to the root of the cell growth problem and destroys it. Black garlic stops the proteins that aid in rapid cell division from being made. This is accomplished by the black garlic destroying the signal that helps produce the proteins.

Additionally, accumulation of DNA mutations also contributes to cancer. When you ingest black garlic regularly or as directed by a physician, it increases the production of a mutation or tumor suppressor in your body known as PTEN, which stops the DNA mutations from accumulating, thus helping to ensure that you do not get cancer. Genetic cancer does not have to worry you either because it can be suppressed using black garlic. The over-activation of the genes Akt and p- Akt is known to cause cancer. Black garlic reduces the production of these genes, thus reducing your risk of suffering from cancer.

Because black garlic has the ability to stop cell growth, medical experts have proven that it can be used to help treat leukemia. When black garlic is consumed, the number of enzymes in the body are increased, including those that are capable of causing cell death. They are the death receptor 4 and the Fas ligand receptor cells, which are located in the cell membrane of your body. These receptor cells attach themselves to the cancer molecules, causing them to die. Black garlic also reduces the effects of the enzyme Poly- ADP-ribose-polymerase, which is responsible for the repair of cancer cells. This means that once the death receptor cells attach to the cancer cells, they completely die.


In summary, black garlic is completely safe to eat and has more curative properties for your body than most medicines. It has a wonderful taste, meaning that it is easy to consume, whether as a full clove or as a food additive in your favorite recipes. Among its many benefits, it can help treat diabetes, allergies, and heart disease. It can help prevent cancer. So, go ahead and start fermenting your own garlic today. Your body will thank you!

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